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Spice Up Your Life

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.Well, yesterday saw the launch of my new "Taste the World" exotic spice and herb blends ... each 60ml jar containing a burst of GMO free, non-irradiated flavour from far off lands, bringing the world to your kitchen. 

I will be adding more but currently have; 

Warm, floral flavours of North Africa in Ras El Hanout,
Fragrant Harissa Spice from Tunisia, 
Punchy Cajun Spice from Louisiana, 
Hot but mellow Jamaican Goat Curry spices (equally good with lamb and veg), 
Birmingham / Pakistani fusion flavours of Balti Spices
Desert flavours of Arabian Z'atar
Eye-wateringly hot Jerk Seasoning, marrying the flavours of Africa and the Caribbean, 
And a fragrant taste of summer in the Thai Stir Fry blend

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Mmmmmm ... more coming soon. Available only on the towpath at the moment, £2 a jar but mail order soon

TTFN Bunny

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